“When Ex Works was fully implemented, the impact on Panalpina was absolutely profound.”

–Laura Brennan, formerly Vice President, Regional Head of Ground Transportation

Trucking rates are more complex than airline or steamship rates – and your staff doesn’t have the time to calculate and compare them on each shipment. In 12 seconds or less, Ex Works assembles and displays the rates of multiple truckers (including freight, fuel and accessorials) so that your staff can make the best decision at the point of execution.

What does it mean? Our clients report reducing their trucking costs by 7-16%simply because they give their staff the information needed to make the best decision for your company.

Are you compliant? Ex Works takes on the burden of gathering all the information you need to make your own vetting decision about each trucking company – and then allows you to restrict your users to executing orders only with those trucking companies you have authorized. Full control – no surprises.

Flying blind on quality? You don’t need to be. Ex Works records – and delivers in Excel – 118 datapoints on every order, enabling forwarders to establish KPIs, identify issues and for the first time to manage this critical element of their service and cost structure. You can measure, evaluate and take the appropriate action to address issues and optimize service and cost on your tens of thousands of trucking transactions.

Without Ex Works, forwarder staff spends their days chasing trucking information and entering data into trucker websites, sending emails – and then taking the information they extract and entering it into their own systems. All this takes four to seven minutes for each shipment.

With Ex Works, the labor is slashed to less than a minute.

The fact is that forwarder staff typically waste more labor by managing trucking transactions than they devote to airlines, shipping lines – or even to their customers.

Ex Works simply eliminates:

  • Filling out websites or sending emails to book
  • Entering the selected trucking vendor and setting up an accrual in operations systems or A/P
  • Chasing and entering pickup and POD data
  • Coding invoices, auditing invoices, and entering invoices into A/P

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