Moving information between forwarders and their hundreds of trucking providers is the essence of what we do. Every business day, our system processes hundreds of thousands of EDI messages, generates around 50,000 automated emails, and serves thousands of users logged into our systems.

Here’s how we make those connections.


We connect to forwarders by integrating with the software they use every day to process orders. This eliminates the labor of double-entry, ensures data accuracy, and moves operational events into their tracking systems within minutes after they are reported by truckers. We integrate with forwarders’ own proprietary systems. And, we are already connected to many of the leading software platforms forwarders use to run their business, including:

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Trucking Companies

We connect to over 3,000 cartage and drayage trucking companies — the companies that actually serve the forwarding industry — to ensure a seamless process that works best for them.

The fact is most of the cartage and drayage companies aren’t yet ready for EDI. So, we provide an easy-to-use website that they can log into to provide the information their forwarder clients need. We provide intensive customer support every step of the way.

Some trucking companies use more sophisticated technology and prefer to move data through EDI. For large LTL carriers and many larger cartage providers, we connect directly to their proprietary systems. And of course we also have full connectivity with the leading providers of cartage and drayage software.

Our trucking EDI partners include: