Ex Works streamlines the first and last mile –

so you can go the distance.

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What do we mean by streamline?

We gather your information. You make the decisions.

Ex Works provides international forwarders – who are frustrated with the chaos of managing trucking – an integrated extension of their forwarding system, enabling their people to see and compare each rate and service option and execute orders in under a minute.

Unlike truck brokers or associations that offer only those truckers who pay them commission, Ex Works establishes an automated connection to every one of the forwarder’s own established trucking vendors – as well as displaying rates from brokers or truckers offering public tariffs.

With Ex Works, a single process covers cartage, drayage, linehaul, parcel and LTL. Everyone has the information they need to make better, rapid, and informed decisions and then focus on productive work – because bookings, accruals, events and audited invoices are automatically processed behind-the-scenes with no human intervention whatsoever.

Sound good? It did to many of our industry’s leading forwarders who have implemented or are currently rolling out the full Ex Works suite of services, including:


We organize information so you can make better decisions with less effort. It’s that simple.

What do we mean by first and last mile?

We mean Cartage. Drayage. Pickup. Delivery. The thousands of smaller truckers serving forwarders in airports and seaports – and the bigger truckers as well.

We’ve taken the mega-fragmented population of largely low-tech or no-tech trucking providers that forwarders depend on – and connected them to a single, automated business process that forwarders can plug right into.

With over 3,000 participating cartage and drayage truckers, we’ve got it covered.