What do we mean by streamline?

We gather your information. You make the decisions.

We track down insurance certs, TSA driver data, safety ratings and operating authority. You view it all with a click.

We gather and maintain each trucker’s tariff – and calculate the price for every trucker for each of your shipments. You compare those rates and select a trucker.

We place the order with the trucker you selected. You receive booking confirmation, pickup and POD data – that is updated automatically into your tracking system, and email alerts as well.

We audit the trucker’s billing. You resolve only the disputed items – all invoices flow into your A/P system electronically.

Sound good? It did to many of our industry’s leading forwarders who have implemented or are currently rolling out the full Ex Works suite of services, including:


We organize information so you can make better decisions with less effort. It’s that simple.